Tree Service in Fredericksburg

The professional capabilities that Michael Tree Service are extensive. There are three categories. Tree Services, Plant Healthcare and Landscape Services.

Tree Removal in Fredericksburg

tree removal fredericksburgFor tree services there are multiple options to suit the needs of tree care. Michael Tree Services specialize in tree removal, trimming, shaping of trees and stump removal. The qualifications go beyond those mentioned, however. There is Bucket Truck service for those particular needs so that the team is always equipped. Tree removal is standard and the team works swiftly to get the job done. Shaping for safety or esthetic reasons and trimming of the tree is work that can be taken care of. Stump removal is swift and it will be as if it was never there. Storms can cause extensive damage including debris, splitting trees, breaking branches and causing overall chaos. That damage will be repaired, mended and cleaned up. There is service for firewood and wood chips. Cabling is available when a tree needs to be mended and brought together to ensure that it doesn’t split and cause property damage or harm to the tree itself. Michael Tree Services is also equipped for difficult take downs that may seem intimidating and are able to work near and around power lines.

Tree Care Fredericksburg

tree care fredericksburgIn plant healthcare, tree fertilization is a common request and will help your trees grow with the needed vitamins and minerals to ensure that they are lush and healthy. Aeration is needed to help grass roots grow deeply and produce a lush and healthy lawn. It involves puncturing the soil with small holes to let nutrients, air, and water enrich the soil and roots of your lawn. Often times soil is compressed down and prevents those key elements from occurring. This can be included in general lawn care that Michael Tree Service offers.

Pests such as insects and mites can be a nuisance and damaging to your soil, garden beds, grass roots and trees. No one wants to have to get into a mess with grubs and destructive mites. We can take care of that for you.

Disease control is a delicate matter and in trees it can get out of hand quickly. We are equipped to handle these situations and ensure the health of the trees, flora and fauna on your property. Many of these elements come together into lawn renovation. We’ll renew your property and breathe life into your lawn. Michael Tree Services offers a full landscape maintenance program to make certain that your property is always at it’s healthiest and it’s best. This brings us into our last category of care.

It’s the extra mile. If you are looking for landscape services and rejuvenation to your outdoor spaces, there are many options. Tree planting is available and we can provide you with new, healthy additions to your lawn. Michael Tree Services can build retaining walls that will last and prepare garden beds while offering drainage solutions to optimize your lawn and garden. The team will build the patio that you dream of and create walk ways to add to the atmosphere. If you have a vision of creating an outdoor kitchen, it’s possible with the team at Michael Tree Services. No matter what your need, we have a wide range of offers when it comes to taking care of your outdoor space, trees and lawn.

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